At Hoffman Estates Dental Professionals, we believe that prevention is key, and one of the best ways to avoid dental problems is to regularly visit our practice for a dental cleaning and exam. During these visits, our dentists and team will clean your teeth, check for any dental problems and provide early treatment to help your smile stay healthy. Call us today at 847-884-0120 to learn more, and to set up your next dental cleaning and exam in Hoffman Estates, Illinois, with Drs. Hatakeyama, Petrilli and Hatakeyama.

Dental exams and cleanings are some of the simplest yet most essential preventive dental treatments that our team provides. Every time you visit our practice for your routine checkup, we will provide a thorough cleaning and examination of your oral health. Together, these simple steps can help keep your smile healthy. During these routine appointments, our dentists and team will:

  • Remove plaque and tartar from your teeth. If left untreated, plaque and tartar can cause cavities and gum disease.
  • Floss between your teeth and polish the surface of your teeth, giving you a healthier, brighter smile.
  • Examine your mouth for signs of dental problems that require immediate treatment.

To ensure that we catch any dental problems, big or small, we use digital X-rays as part of your checkup appointment. By regularly visiting the dentist, you can keep your oral health in good standing, prevent cavities or gum disease from developing, and ensure that any existing issues receive early treatment so as to avoid greater problems down the road.

Our dentists recommend that you visit our practice for a cleaning and exam at least once every six months. If your oral health is not up to par, we may recommend that you visit us more frequently. If you would like to schedule your next dental cleaning and exam, we welcome you to contact our practice today!