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Obstructive sleep apnea is a disorder that causes the breathing to start and stop repeatedly during the night. This happens if relaxed throat muscles block your airways while you sleep. Some common symptoms of sleep apnea include:

– Snoring
– Daytime drowsiness
– Headaches in the morning
– Gasping or choking during sleep
– Irritability
– Dry mouth or a sore throat upon waking
– Difficulty concentrating and memory impairment

Available Treatments
Instead of allowing sleep apnea to have a negative effect on your life, look into your treatment options. Drs. Hatakeyama, Petrilli, and Hatakeyama may recommend one or more of these treatments for sleep apnea in Hoffman Estates, Illinois:

Positional Therapy: If you have sleep apnea, avoid sleeping on you back. Sleeping on your side can help keep your airways open.

Nasal Decongestants: Using nasal decongestants may help if you suffer from mild sleep apnea or if you have a snoring problem.

Weight Loss: Losing weight can reduce airway blockage.

Oral Appliance Therapy: We can provide you with a custom-made oral appliance to wear while you sleep. This appliance can guide the jaw into a more forward position, thus allowing the airway to remain unobstructed during sleep.

Surgery: In more severe cases of sleep apnea, our dentistss may suggest that you seek surgical treatment.

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