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Physical activity can significantly benefit your overall health, and many people enjoy getting outside or onto the court and playing a contact sport. Whatever you do to stay active and healthy, it’s important to wear an athletic mouth guard to protect your smile from serious oral injury.

By wearing a proper mouth guard, you can prevent harmful mouth injuries such as tooth damage, tooth loss and jaw trauma. Dr. Teruyuki Hatakeyama and our team are pleased to offer custom mouth guards that conform to the fit of your smile so that your teeth are both safe and protected. These appliances can be carried in your pocket to be placed in your mouth when needed for a practice or game.

Mouth guards aren’t just recommended for high-contact sports, though. They can be worn for running, biking, skateboarding and gymnastics activities. In fact, there are many reasons to receive a mouth guard, and you are welcome to speak with our dentist to receive answers to any questions you have about this type of appliance.

If you are interested in receiving a custom athletics mouth guard in Hoffman Estates, Illinois, we invite you to contact Hoffman Estates Dental Professionals at 847-884-0120 today and schedule an appointment for a fitting.